Jacklin Road Closure – getting to and from School Board Office

Feb. 2 – Jacklin Road will be closed to all traffic between Jenkins Road and Division Avenue beginning Tuesday, February 13. This will effect all traffic coming to and from the Board Office from downtown Langford. Division Avenue is the new road that winds through the old Belmont grounds.

As work progresses on the Belmont Market area, we have been informed that Jacklin Road will undergo upgrades.  In order to complete the work, the following road closure will be in effect from February 13, 2018 for approximately 4 months.

Getting to and from the School Board Office

  • From Kelly Road or Jacklin Road before Kelly Road: Take Division Avenue then make a left on to Jacklin Road followed by an immediate left into the School District parking lot.
  • From Sooke Road: No changes. Simply turn right from Jacklin Road into the School Board Office parking lot.

Jackline Road Closure

Traffic changes as follows:

  • Vehicles exiting left onto Jacklin Road from the School Board Office parking lot will need to take extreme caution as vehicles will also be turning left from Division Avenue onto Jacklin.
  • Traffic coming from Sooke Road will be able to turn right on to Division Avenue and right at Kelly Road.
  •  There will be no left turns permitted from Division Avenue onto Kelly Road

Sooke School District

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