10 questions with the new Superintendent

Superintendent Scott StinsonScott Stinson is SD62’s new Superintendent of Schools. We sat down with Scott to ask him 10 random questions to help you get to know him a bit better.

  1. Where were you working before SD62?

For the past six years I was in the Saanich School District where I was the Assistant Superintendent. Prior to that, I was here in SD62 for five years. My very first year of teaching was in Burn’s Lake – it was great!

I’m from Duncan and went to school at UVic, so I have been on the island pretty much my whole life.

  1. What brought you back to SD62?

Getting the opportunity to lead the district of course! One of the great things about SD62 is that nothing is broken here. I get to be in a school district that will go from strong to stronger. SD62 isn’t a small country school district anymore, it’s a large urban district, so we need to focus on the infrastructure that goes along with supporting that.Male surfer standing with surfboard on a snowy beach

  1. You’ve been in education for a long time. What’s one thing that you love most about being an educator?

I think it’s the connections and relationships you get to establish over time. You get a year in a classroom to do this and those relationships continue throughout the student’s schooling and beyond. Same thing goes for colleagues. It’s really amazing to experience and be part of.

  1. What are some of the things you would like to focus on and grow in SD62?

Good question! Managing the growth and making sure we have great facilities for our students today and in the future, is a big one. But it’s also about the kids that we have in classrooms today. We’re at a point where we are looking at helping them get beyond graduation and into post secondary school. What are the best pathways and choices we can give students to help them transition to post secondary? This is a major question we will focus on.

  1. What should parents know about you?

The most important thing is that decisions are based on what’s best for kids first and that the answers may not always be the answers adults want to hear. It might be the for the greater good for all students. It’s balancing the individual against the group need and looking at it all through the student lens as opposed to the adult lens.

  1. What should students know about you?

That I value their input and that I recognize the challenge that exists in the system for them. Our students should know that they are getting the best possible education in SD62. This is a great place to be and a great place to learn – it will set them up for life. It’s not a second-tier education system in SD62.

  1. What kind of skills (other than teaching and leading) can you bring to students?

Well, I can still do a pretty good cartwheel, I don’t think I can do a back hand-spring anymore though. I can still hit a pretty good free-throw on the basketball court too.

  1. We realize that sometimes you do get to go home. What do you do when you are not working?

Our new puppy is making things busy! Other than that, I’m pretty active and like to run, surf, stand-up paddle board and snowboard as much as I can. I also just like to relax with family and friends and really try to enjoy where we live.

  1. What’s one thing that many people may not know about you?

I’m typically not allowed to do the grocery shopping in the family because I will always come home with chips and or ice cream…always!

I also just finished the Tough Mudder in Whistler and I was able to compete all five obstacles. Our team name was “Men of a Certain Age” hahaha. It was three hours, 18 km, 24 obstacles and a lot of mud!

  1. What makes you uncomfortable?

When the spotlight is on me, like this interview! I can stand up and talk to 1000 people about education, but as soon as it is about me…yikes. Speaking of which, this is the last question, right?

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