Student safety reminders

It’s always important to chat with your child about safety tips. Some reminders for your children about safety include:

  1. Walk with others and use the buddy system. There is greater security in numbers.
  2. If someone in a car should stop and ask for help or directions do not go near the car.
  3. Stay at an arm’s reach or more away from strangers.
  4. If someone is following you on foot or in a car, go to a place where other people are present. Do not try to hide.
  5. No one should ask you to look for a lost item. If a stranger asks you to help them look for something, run to a safe place.
  6. Never go anywhere with someone you do not know (neither in a car, nor on foot).
  7. Never take anything from strangers.
  8. Inform your parents or another trusted adult as soon as possible.

The safety of our children is paramount to all members of our community. Thank you for your continued support and diligence in keeping our students safe.

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