And that’s a wrap!

Dear SD62 Families, Community members and partners,

On behalf of the Board of Education, we would like to recognize the hard work and enthusiasm of our students, parents, teachers, school administrators and support staff who make it possible for SD62 to continue being the wonderful school district that it is.

It has been an exciting year with too many accomplishments to note. This year our Strategic Plan has guided our work as a Board, and ultimately the goals and objectives that we as a district, would like to accomplish. We are pleased to share with you a progress update on the initiatives outlined in our Strategic Plan. As you’ll see, we have accomplished a lot this year within our overarching goals of Learning, Engagement and Growth. We’re also well on our way to developing specific goals in relation to our Human Resources, Facilities, Communications and IT plans. All of this couldn’t have happened without your continued support. If you get a moment please take a look at this short Strategic Plan Progress Update – June 2019 and feel free to share your comments or questions with me. We look forward to seeing this work continue in the years to come.

From the tireless work of our admin teams and teachers, to the countless volunteer hours from parents in each school, to the dedication and enthusiasm of students, the SD62 community really is a great place to work and learn in.

The Board of Education is committed to advocating for our district. We are the fastest growing school district per capita in the province and we are very proud to work with stakeholders and all levels of government in order to provide our students and staff with the best educational experiences in top-notch facilities. We’re thrilled about the recent government announcement that SD62 will receive funding to start building an elementary and a middle school, as well as funds to purchase land for a new secondary school.

The support you provide for your child’s learning extends throughout the classroom, to the school and through the district, and we truly thank you for that. We want to wish your family a safe and wonderful summer and we look forward to connecting with you in the new school year.

Ravi Parmar
Chair, Board of Education
Sooke School District

Trustees:  Bob Beckett, Wendy Hobbs, Bob Phillips, Dianna Seaton, Margot Swinburnson, Allison Watson

Sooke School District

3143 Jacklin Road, Victoria, BC V9B 5R1

Phone: (250) 474-9800

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday