Cyber Safety

Resource Links for Parents, Students and Teachers

Cyber Safety - Learn Now BC
A collection of resources for parents and students addressing how children today use the internet and how parents can assist their children in remaining safe online.

Media Awareness Network
The Media Awareness Network is a comprehensive site that contains information for parents, students and teachers about online safety, texting and other issues facing children today. 

Digital Tattoo
Your digital tattoo is a permanent reflection of yourself based on your online activities. This site will assist you in learning to create an online identity that is a positive reflection of yourself.

Net Cetera – Chatting with kids about being online
Net cetera provides a comprehensive guide to discussing online behaviour with children of all ages. Topics include:
  • Socializing online
  • Communicating online
  • Sexting/texting
  • Cyberbullying
  • Protecting your computers

Text Ed
Text Ed provides information about appropriate texting and the dangers of sexting and includes a detailed list of text messaging shorthand 

Cyber Bullying
This site provides detailed facts and statistics about cyber bullying and prevention techniques.

That’s Not Cool
That’s Not Cool specifically addresses cyber stalking and harassment through instant messenger and texting.

Cyber Tips for Teachers
A document created by the Canadian Teacher’s Federation specifically for teachers.

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