Student Support Services

Welcome to Student Support Services in School District #62 (Sooke).  Our District Team works together on behalf of all students in our school district to ensure the best service possible.  Our work together is guided by the Principles of Learning:
  • Learning requires the active participation of the learner.
  • People learn in different ways and at different rates.
  • Learning is an individual and a social process.
Additionally, as a team of professionals working together in support of student learning, we believe . . .
  • in the value of understanding the "whole" learner; their strengths, weaknesses, and individuality.
  • in the Rights of the learner, that include fairness, equity, and opportunity.
  • that every student should be regarded and valued as a person.
  • that we play an important role in the life of a student, and we can make a difference.


Shared Belief: Attributes of a Fully Enabled Learner

In relation to our Core Beliefs, we also believe the key and essential attributes of a learner are . . .
  • BELONGING:  a sense of connection to something (i.e. school) and with others.  They take part in a safe and caring environment and relationships.
  • COMPETENCEthey experience success as defined by their unique needs as an individual.  They also have a sense of ownership of their own learning.
  • SELF-DETERMINATION:  they have a well developed sense of social identity.  They see the opportunities the world has and their place in it.  They feel confident and independent, and are able to advocate for themselves.
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