Teaching Staff (Sooke Teachers’ Association or STA)
General Posting Information

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1. The Board shall fill vacancies for positions, other than teaching positions of special responsibility in the order listed below provided that the teacher appointed to perform the duties of the vacant position has the necessary qualifications. Necessary qualifications are defined as certification and academic preparation, recent experience in a similar assignment, quality of service as reflected in reports, and references. Where the qualifications of two or more applicants for a position are equal, the teacher with the greatest district seniority shall be appointed.

2. Vacancies for positions of special responsibility shall be filled by competition.

3. The Board shall fill vacancies for positions in the following priority:

Round 1 teachers returning from leave of absence, including appointment reduction leave; teachers not utilized in their present schools, subject to rights of review of that transfer; and teachers transferred on the initiative of the Board in the previous three years;

Round 2 all other continuing teachers seeking a transfer (whether full-time or part-time); teachers on the recall list (whether full-time or part-time); continuing part-time teachers seeking an increase in their assignment;

Round 3 teachers who have had a term specific appointment of not less than 8 months in the previous 10 school months, and who have not received a less than satisfactory report;

Round 4 teachers-on-call. Teachers-on-call who have taught in the District seventy (70) days or more in the previous 10 teaching months immediately preceding application shall, if qualified, be given an interview.

Round 5 other applicants.

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