Sooke Parents' Education Advisory Council (District PAC)



All parents and guardians that have a child registered in District 62 (Sooke) are invited and welcome to attend SPEAC meetings.  ***Voting is limited to the appointed delegates of each school (one vote per school). 

General Meetings are usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month, @ 7 pm, in different locations around the SD62 

The AGM is held in May of each year at SD62's School Board Office: 3143 Jacklin Rd.

Look on the Meetings page for all dates and locations for this year.

Why should you get involved? ( 7 minute video)

Our next meeting will be . . . December 10th from 7 - 9:30 pm
@ School Board Office located on Jacklyn Road

If you would like to join us electronically, from home or your phone, please contact
SPEAC at least a few days in advance of the meeting so that you can
get the link to join the meeting from anywhere you want.


Parent Education Events    

"For these are all our children, and we shall all profit by or pay for,
what they become"
~ James Baldwin

***These events are all FREE unless otherwise stated

Healthy Schools Committee
Dec. 15, 2014 @ School Board Office
7:15 pm; more info click here
ALL Presidents' Dinner
Jan. 28, 2015 @ the School Board Office
Time: TBA
All Presidents/Chairs including VP's and Co's are invited!
 Vancouver Island Parent Conference
    Saturday February 7, 2015
@ Spectrum Community School, 957 Burnside Rd. W., Victoria, BC
2015 VIPC Interactive Poster          VIPC WEBSITE 

Always a great day of information and networking!

Registration: $100/person and includes snacks and lunch, or
$75 Early Bird Registration DEADLINE is January 21, 2015

Great ideas, great people, and great food at one location!

Join our Facebook page for updates on who we will have at the event this year.

Two minute Video from 2013

Lice Check Event - Date will be announced once Procedure is completed. 

If you are having lice concerns, please contact SPEAC for direction and support

There are many partners involved in your child's education.
Click here to see who is who in the Sooke SD62 education family

How Can I Become More Involved?
Attend PAC and DPAC meetings and/or read material
put out by them for the parents
Every school has a Parents' Advisory Council (P.A.C.) which meets regularly in each 
school. All parents are eligible to be members of their school's P.A.C. and are 
encouraged to attend. P.A.C.s meet to advise and help the schools in a variety of ways, 
and to inform and support parents. 

The Sooke Parents' Education Advisory Council (S.P.E.A.C.) is the SD 62 District PAC,(DPAC) 
we usually meet the third Wednesday of every month. S.P.E.A.C. serves as a 
monthly forum for elected delegates and interested parents from each school in the 
district to meet and discuss district wide issues, and to promote education. S.P.E.A.C. 
provides parent representation on various school board committees and is represented at 
regular board meetings. 

 SPEAC Constitution and By-laws 2014

have the right to:
·  a safe environment
·  a quality education
have the right to:
·  use professional judgment
·  be treated with proper protocol
have the responsibility to:
·  try and solve their own problems when possible
·  be good school citizens
have the responsibility to:
·  teach in a professional manner
·  model socially acceptable behaviour
have the right to:
·  take part in their child’s education
·  talk with the teacher
have the right to:
·  be respected
·  be heard
·  be informed
have the responsibility to:
·  talk to the teacher directly
·  model socially acceptable behaviour
have the responsibility to:
·  treat each other fairly and with respect
·  act on our own behalf


SPEAC's Aims

·  to promote leadership in initiating and encouraging Parents' Advisory Councils at the individual school level;
·  to help parents become more familiar with educational facilities and services that are available in our school district;
·  to provide a forum for school parent groups to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern;
·  to provide leadership in developing and understanding the rights and responsibilities of the parent within the education system;
·  to promote effective communications between parents, educators, administrators, trustees and the Ministry of Education.




·  has permanent delegate status at the School District 62 Board of Education meetings;
·  is developing a series of pamphlets on volunteering and PAC positions, etc.;
·  sponsors educational forums and conferences in conjunction with other parent groups;
·  hosts an All Candidates meeting for local school trustee elections;
·  hosts Parents' Advisory Council Presidents meetings;
·  has representatives on school district committees where parents are welcome;
·  assists parents and PAC groups as needed in locating parent resources and support;
·  is a member of the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC).


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