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Sooke school district offers language and cultural support to English language learners registered from Kindergarten to grade 12. We have students from a rich variety of backgrounds, and who speak many different languages at home.

After new students register, a language assessment may be completed to determine the needs of the student. This serves as a guide for programming and allows us to make a recommendation regarding type and frequency of support. We offer your child a welcoming environment that honours our students' heritage, whilst easing the transition into Canadian life and culture.

If your child is transferring from a different school or district where they received ELL support, then please indicate this when you register your child at the new school. If your child's primary language, or the language spoken in the home is not English, then please also indicate this when you register your child for school. Your child may benefit from receiving English language support, even if they have been born and raised in Canada.

If you would like to request ELL support for a student in the International Student Program, please contact the International Program Office directly.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Lindy Kovacik:  

Ph. 250-474-9800 ext. 873
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