Early Learning

“All children are born with a curiosity about themselves, other people, and the world around them, and in this sense are born learners.”
(British Columbia Early Learning Framework)

The Sooke School District is engaged in a number of initiatives aimed at supporting families with children ages 0 to 5.  The District has five Strong Start Programs and one Strong Start Outreach Program.  These drop-in programs are free to parents or caregivers and their children. 

Using Ready, Set, Learn funding, the District hosts an open house for three year olds in early February and supports additional programs for preschoolers.  This year, these programs include Bedtime Shenanigans, Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Head Start Program, and Books for Breakfast.

The Sooke School District is an active member of our community's Family and Early Childhood Resource Network.  For more information about any of our early learning initiatives, please contact Jane Smirl at 250-474-9814 or jsmirl@sd62.bc.ca

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