Middle Schools

The Middle schools in School District No. 62 are listed below.
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Dunsmuir Middle School

École John Stubbs Memorial School

Journey Middle School

Spencer Middle School

912005_44353_1.jpg Dunsmuir Middle School    (Grades 7-9)
3341 Painter Road, Victoria, BC  V9C 2J1

Phone: (250) 478-5548
Fax: (250) 478-0738
E-mail: drussell@sd62.bc.ca
Web Site: http://dunsmuir.sd62.bc.ca
Principal: Mr. Darren Russell
Vice Principals: Ms. Pam Gerrits, Mr. Keith Boggs

School Start and Stop times
Open 8:55 AM Recess 10:06-10:16AM None (Fri.)
Lunch Break 11:54-12:29PM
11:22-11:50AM (Fri)
Closes 3:18PM
Friday Dismissal 1:48PM

1082008_112554_0.jpg École John Stubbs Memorial School   (Grades 7-9)
301 Zealous Crescent, Victoria, BC  V9C 1H6

Phone: (250) 478-5571
Fax: (250) 478-7318
E-mail:  ssmith@sd62.bc.ca
Web Site: http://johnstubbs.sd62.bc.ca
Principal:  Ms. Stephanie Hedley-Smith
Vice Principal:  Ms. Sandra Szalipszki

School Start and Stop times
Open 8:45 AM Recess 10:00-10:10AM
Lunch Break 12:08-12:55PM Closes 2:48PM

912005_45354_3.jpg Journey Middle School    (Grades 6-8)
6522 Throup Road, Box 100, Sooke, BC  V9Z 0E5

Phone: (250) 642-5881
Fax: (250) 642-7137
E-mail:  lszadkowski@sd62.bc.ca
Web Site: http://journey.sd62.bc.ca/
Principal: Ms. Laurie Szadkowski
Vice Principal: Mr. Glenn Bedard

School Start and Stop times
Open 8:45AM Recess 10:25-10:40AM (M-F)
Lunch Break 12:41-1:018PM
12:41-1:08PM (Fri)
Closes 2:58PM
Friday Dismissal 1:58PM

912005_50101_0.jpg Spencer Middle School    (Grades 7-9)
1026 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria, BC  V9B 2Y5

Phone: (250) 474-1291
Fax: (250) 474-2132
E-mail:  thoner@sd62.bc.ca
Web Site: http://www.spencer.sd62.bc.ca/
Principal: Mr. Terry Honer
Vice Principals: Mr. Wayne Kelly, Mr. Chris Smyth

School Start and Stop times
Open 8:50AM Recess 10:00-10:10AM 
None (Fri.)
Lunch Break 11:49-12:24PM
11:19-11:49AM (Fri)
Closes 3:18PM
Friday Dismissal 1:58PM
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