Sooke School District offers a morning pull-out program for designated elementary gifted students. Participation is voluntary. There is an understanding between classroom teachers and their students that there will be no penalty for attending these morning activities and that reasonable accommodations will be made to address any missed assignments or projects. The class will participate in a number of enriching, ‘mind extending’ activities in the classroom and invite special guests in a variety of areas of interest.

The class meets at Colwood Elementary School’s Multipurpose Room. Transportation to this site is the responsibility of parents as there are small numbers of students coming from a variety of elementary schools throughout the district. Students arrive for 9:00 and are picked up at 11:30.

There are other opportunities for our Gifted students, including Unity in Diversity and Destination Conservation. In the classroom, Gifted students and teachers will work on IEP goals which may include differentiated instruction and creative thinking challenges.



Belmont Secondary School:

At Belmont Secondary, students who are identified as Gifted are assigned to a case manager who supports them in the development of their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and educational program planning. IEP’s for students who are gifted are provided to classroom teachers in order to address student goals and to differentiate instruction. In addition, Belmont offers an enormous selection of course offerings to ensure opportunities for enrichment, including Pre-Advanced Placement courses, PACE, electives, and athletics. Gifted students are given in-depth post-secondary and scholarship support through our Counseling Department.


Edward Milne Community School:

EMCS is pleased to offer a diverse range of opportunities for our students who are gifted to advance their unique talents and abilities. Students at EMCS are assigned to a case manager that facilitates the development of their Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and supports their educational programming. These IEPs are developed through consultation with the students’ teachers in order to best address the gifted students’ goals, potential, and to differentiate their instruction when applicable. At EMCS, all students are provided with a wide variety of academic, dramatic, artistic, practical, technological, and athletic course and elective options. Depending on the unique needs of the students who are gifted, we are able to offer advanced placement classes, leadership programs, various extracurricular activities to enhance the gifted curriculum. Students are also given postsecondary consultation services through our Counseling Department to ensure they are provided up to date information regarding post graduation and scholarship options.


Dunsmuir Middle School:

Dunsmuir Middle School prides itself on the academic and creative enrichment opportunities for students. Specifically, for those students with a Gifted designation, Dunsmuir will establish an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and provide a Case Manager from our Student Services department to work with parents and students to find the appropriate course selections and pathway. Pathways may include focus programs in the athletics, visual arts, music, performing arts, technology, or trades. In addition to the IEP, program options for students identified as gifted may include: Grade 7, 8 & 9 – Pullout workshops and seminars on a monthly basis with cross grade activities, guest speakers, and field trips. Grade 9 – A daily class for students who are gifted (115 minutes per week) during the school’s TAG time + the opportunity to enroll in the Science 9 PACE course.


Journey Middle School:

The PACE program at Journey is provided through a series of workshops (approximately one a month” focusing on a variety of different subject areas from robotics to tap dancing. PACE and Gifted students have the opportunity to sign up for workshops that interest them.

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