School Change Requests for the 2021/2022 school year open on January 25, 2021 at 8 a.m. 

Any requests received earlier than this will need to be resubmitted. 

Parents can apply for a school outside of their neighbourhood catchment school. Should you want to choose a school other than your neighbourhood catchment school, you must be registered at your catchment school and then submit a “ School Change Request (SCR)” application as outlined below. Approval of applications is based on availability of space and facilities.

All Kindergarten students must be registered (Online Registration) for Kindergarten at their catchment school before completing a School Change Request Application, with the exception of students who are accepted into a program of choice:

Grades 1-12 students, who have a sibling at a school outside their catchment, may be accepted at the sibling’s school (provided there is capacity at the school and the sibling will be in attendance when the student begins at the out-of-catchment school). Parents still need to complete the school change request form confirming sibling status. Academy  students who live outside the academy school catchment will automatically generate a SCR that may be accepted after administration reviews the application. All applicants should not assume automatic acceptance is implied when they register.


  • The district is using an electronic version of the application form accessed through the district website (School Change Request ).
  • The-School Locator tool on the district web site provides a student’s designated catchment area schools. Catchment is based on permanent home address.
  • The application requires child’s birth date, home address, name of current or assigned school, and the name of the requested school.
  • The start date that you select will follow the timelines below.

TIMELINES / Start Date

  • September 2021
    • Applications will be accepted starting January 25, 2021 at 8 a.m.
    • Applications received by March 30th will receive one of the responses below (by phone or email) before June 1st:
      • Pending (capacity and space review)
      • Approved
      • Not approved
      • Waitlist (delayed until fall when capacity is reviewed again)
      • Withdrawn
  • Applications received after March 31st can expect a response in September.

January 2022 (Second semester start for secondary schools)

Families will receive a response (by phone or email) before January 15th

  • Same responses as noted above.

September 2022

Application process will be opened starting the first day of Kindergarten registration, January 2022.

Process details:

Many schools in SD62 are nearing or have reached their capacities. In the event there are more students than a school can accommodate, enrolment will be approved based on the following School Enrolment Priorities:

                                 1. re-enrolling students

                                 2. a catchment area student who has a sibling currently attending the school

                                 3. a catchment area child

                                 4. a non-catchment student who has a sibling currently attending the school

                                 5. a non-catchment child

                                 6. a non-school district child

In the event space is limited and a middle or secondary school cannot accept all non-catchment student requests, priority will be given to those non-catchment students already in the determined pathway of schools, over other non-catchment, non-pathway students. The student enrolment priorities apply to new registrations, transfer requests and student transitions between elementary and middle, and middle and high school for both English and French programs.

The system will automatically mark the time the district receives the application for this online process.


A school change request application does not guarantee approval of the school change request as many factors influence the number of school change requests that each individual school can accommodate. For example, a number of schools have reached capacity and it is anticipated they will continue to be in this position for the next few years. Be aware that the district can only approve school change applications up to the current available space. Future available space in any given school and students within the catchment have priority for placement.

While applications are accepted for all schools, be aware that the district can only approve school change request applications if space and facilities are available