As a growing school district, we are committed to providing students with safe school bus transportation to and from school.

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Please note: To register for school bussing, please follow the instructions below.
(NOTE: you do not need to ‘attach students’ to complete the bus form AND you do not need your child’s PEN to register for bus)

How to register:

1. Create a School Cash Online account. Don’t have an account yet? It is easy to sign up for one! Need Help?

2. Sign into your account ‘Sign in

3. Click on Items tab and choose the 2018/2019 School Bus Registration Form Need Help?


Many of our buses and routes fill quickly. Please register close to opening so that you get a spot!


Bus Routes Notification

Bus routes for the 2018-19 school year have been created. Students will be placed on routes as per the address provided during registration. Registrations received by June 1 will receive route and time notification will be sent via email or letter mail by the end of the school year.

Letters will be mailed out to late bus registrations only if time permits.

Questions about current routes? Find your bus route now!


Bus Passes

Bus Passes will be handed out during the first week of school in September.  All fully registered middle and secondary students will receive a pass and must carry it as proof of ridership. Drivers will check for passes. Students without passes may be refused.

Permanent bus passes that are misplaced will cost $10 to replace. Please contact the Transportation Department to replace a bus pass.

Elementary and Kindergarten students do not receive passes. Schools will have a list of registered students and they will be checked off as they board the bus. NOTE: Students in grades K-3 will not be let off the bus unless met by an adult or older sibling.


Extreme Weather Conditions

We are dedicated to providing safe bus transportation for our students. Please read the following document that lists the steps we take to determine whether or not buses will run during cases of snow, ice and other extreme weather. Read Document




Leave something on the bus? Question about a bus route? Please call 250-474-9845 or send us an email


Frequently Asked Questions


Do all bus riders need to register every year?

Yes, all riders from kindergarten to Grade 12 need to be registered. It is a government requirement to have a passenger list for each bus.

My child left something on the bus. How can they retrieve it?

Items left behind on the afternoon route will remain on the bus overnight for students to retrieve in the morning. It is recommended that parents call the Transportation Department.

What time should my child be at the bus stop?

Students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Do all students get bus passes?

Only middle and secondary students get passes. Kindergarten and elementary students are checked off from a list at the school.

When do bus passes get issued?

Registered bus riders will receive their pass during the first week of school. He/she must always carry their pass with them on the bus.

What if the pass is lost?

A replacement pass costs $10.00.  Please call the Transportation department at 250-474-9845 if you need to re-issue a pass.

I changed addresses over the summer, can I still register?

Yes, as long as space is available on the route needed.

Our family just moved into SD62, can I still register for the school bus?

Yes, as long as space is available on the route needed.

Do all kindergarten – Grade 3 students need to be met by a parent/guardian at their drop off stop?

Yes, either or a parent, guardian or older sibling must meet the bus. If there isn’t someone there to meet the student, he/she will be returned to the school. Parents/Guardians can provide written permission to the Transportation Department if they wish for their Kindergarten-Grade 3 student to walk home unaccompanied.

Can drivers add a stop or change a route?

No. Drivers can suggest changes or a parent can call the Transportation Department, but the final decision rests with the Transportation Department.

Will I receive a call if the bus is late?

Unfortunately we don’t have the technology to notify parents about bus times and locations. For buses that face large delays, we will do our best to get communication out via the District’s social media pages.

All bus runs are completed, even if late.

Who do I call if the buses are running late?

The Transportation Department at 250-474-9845

Can my child bring a friend on the bus?

Only if there is space on the bus and a signed note of permission from the parent of the friend is received.

Can my child bring a pet animal on the bus?

No. Only certified guide/assistance animals are permitted. All guide/assistance animals must first be approved by the Transportation Department.

Should I call if my child is not on the bus?

Only if your child is registered on an accessibility bus or if your child is the only one at a stop that is “out of the way.”

Can my child be picked up and dropped off at different locations?

Please contact the Transportation Department for confirmation. We will try to meet the needs of the student and family if possible.

Does my child need to ride a specific bus route?

Yes, students must ride on the specific bus he or she was registered for.

Are e-cigarettes allowed?

No. Smoking of any kind or substance on the bus will result in disciplinary action.

Can I ride on the bus with my child?

No, only registered students may ride. Parents and pre-school children are not allowed on the bus.

Can my child bring sports and/or band equipment on the bus?

Only items that do not pose a safety hazard and can be held on the student’s lap are allowed on the bus. Government regulation states that no “unsecured equipment” can be transported on the bus. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to the following:

  • No hockey equipment
  • No Lacrosse equipment
  • No Skateboards
  • No large band instruments
  • No bicycles

My child is small. Can a booster seat be used?

Booster seats are not allowed because there is no way to properly secure them.

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