18 candidates ran for Trustee in the 2014 election. Four candidates were elected in the Belmont Zone and three were elected in the Milnes Landing Zone.

Belmont Zone candidates:

  • Don Brown
  • Wendy Hobbs Elected
  • Stephanie Longstaff
  • Melissa McConnell
  • Ravi Parmar Elected
  • Jan Peever
  • Denise Riley Elected
  • Timothy Rud
  • Dianna Seaton Elected
  • Trudy Spiller
  • Dean Sutton
  • Sarah Wilson

Milne’s Landing Zone candidates

  • Arthur (Russ) Chipps
  • Doris Gulmans
  • Benula Larsen
  • Robert (Bob) Phillips Elected
  • Neil Poirier Elected
  • Margot Swinburnson Elected

For more information about the candidates, including their websites and Facebook pages, please visit the CivicInfoBC website.

Voting information, including dates and location, is provided here.

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