All SD62 elementary schools offer full day Kindergarten for our youngest learners.  To register, children must turn five years of age by December 31 in the same calendar year that they begin school.

Registration for the 2018 – 2019 school year:


Beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Register Now

There are two ways to register:

  1. Online at Please make sure to present proof of child’s age and residence to your neighbourhood school within 14 days of registering.
  2. At your neighbourhood school. Please present proof of child’s age and residence to the school at the time of registration.

For more information about kindergarten, please visit BC Ministry of Education – Full Day Kindergarten.


French Immersion


French Immersion kindergarten is available at the following schools. Join in on one of the following optional parent information sessions to learn more about French Immersion Kindergarten in SD62:


Nature Kindergarten


Held at both Sangster and Saseenos elementary schools, the Nature Kindergarten program in SD62 was one of the first of its kind in Canada when it was piloted in September 2012.  Its popularity and success have turned the program into a yearly option for parents.

Students spend every morning outside, rain or shine, in natural settings (primarily on the property of Royal Roads University – Sangster students; T’Sou-ke Nation lands – Saseenos students).  Students then return to school for their lunch and remain in the classroom during the rest of the afternoon for indoor learning.

Parents must attend one of the information sessions listed below prior to registering their child for Nature Kindergarten at either Sangster or Saseenos elementary school.

Sangster Parent Information Sessions:

Saseenos Parent Information Sessions:

Registration for Nature Kindergarten opens on Monday, January 29, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Parents can register online or in person at their neighbourhood school.  If registering online, please selection Nature Kindergarten as your preference.  Parents who wish to register in person must do so at their neighbourhood school and submit a request for Nature Kindergarten.

As this program typically fills up within the first day of registration, parents are encouraged to register as close as possible to the opening time of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my child in Kindergarten

No. It’s considered by the Ministry of Education as an optional program. As well, parents can defer Kindergarten for one year.

Can my child attend a school other than our neighbourhood school?

Yes, if there is space in the preferred school. The Board believes that students who choose to move to a school other than their home school should give notice of and reason for their wish. Out-of-catchment forms are available at every school as well as the School Board Office.

Where do I register if I want my child to attend an out-of-catchment school?

Parents who wish to register for Kindergarten from an out-of-catchment area may apply to do so by going to their in-catchment school and completing a transfer form.

I filled out a registration form and an out-of-catchment request form. Does this mean my child will go to the school I've requested?

Not necessarily. Only after a school’s space and resource capabilities have been determined will new “cross boundary” transfer students be approved. Please note: If you are approved, there is no guarantee that you can stay at that school in subsequent years. In-catchment students always have priority. School bussing is also not always possible for students who attend a school outside of their catchment.

I put my registration form in before another family who has already heard their child is accepted. Why haven't I been called?

Preference is given in the following order:

  1. to students who reside in the catchment area
  2. to students who have siblings currently attending
  3. daycare in-catchment
  4. any other reasons
When will I know if my child is accepted as an out-of-catchment student?

Depending upon the school and the number of out-of-catchment requests, every attempt will be made to notify you by the end of June. Decisions will be based on space and resource capabilities.

Doesn't the Ministry of Education say parents can register children at their school of choice?

No. The BC School Act, Division 1, Section 2(2) says “a person may enroll in an educational program provided by a board of the school district and attend any school in British Columbia if

  1. the person is of school age,
  2. the person is a resident in British Columbia, and
  3. the board providing the educational program determines that space and facilities are available for the person at the school in which the educational program is made available.
This sounds different than in the past. Why have things changed?

District policy has not changed. School District 62 has always done its best to approve school requests for parents to have children enrol elsewhere in the district.

If my request to have my child attend a different school is approved, will bussing be provided?

District policy states that transportation for students who choose to transfer and receive approval will be the responsibility of the parents. Bussing may be available if there is already an established route and there is space available. Priority will be given to students that are out-of-catchment because their school is full.

What if my childcare provider lives in a different school catchment than our family?

Requests are first based on the child’s home address and then we go through the out-of-catchment priority process (see 5 above).

Who will let me know if my out-of-catchment area request has been approved.

The receiving school will let you know once a decision has been made. Requests will be considered if there is space. If at any time you change your mind and wish to attend the neighbourhood school in your catchment area, please contact BOTH schools as soon as possible to let them know.

Can I return to my catchment area school at any time if I transfer to an out-of-catchment area school?

Returning to your catchment area school during the school year will only occur if there is space. At the commencement of the school year, priorities for enrollment will apply (see 5 above).

If the district cannot accommodate me at my catchment area school and my child has to go to a school out-of-catchment, will my child be able to return to our catchment school if space opens up?

You will have first priority to return to your catchment area school when space is available.

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