Questions for the Board

Asking Questions at a Board Meeting

At the end of each public meeting, there is a designated question period. The Board of Education welcomes questions regarding its decisions, practices or agenda items so long as the question pertains to a topic discussed during that same meeting. Individuals or group representatives can address their questions to the Board Chairperson during the question period.

The Chairperson of the Board will determine whether a question requires referral to the staff for further information to be obtained, and whether supplementary questions on the same topic will be received verbally by the Board.

Questions or comments about personal issues, individuals or property acquisitions are not appropriate for public meetings. If you have a question for the Board about something other than the topics discussed at a meeting, please send a detailed email to the Secretary Treasurer.


Individuals or groups wishing to make a presentation to the Board should submit a written request to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than 9 a.m. Monday the week before (eight days before) the meeting they wish to attend. The request will outline the topic to be presented, and contact details where you can be reached. Please submit your request via email to the Secretary Treasurer.

Presentations by delegates should not normally exceed five minutes. Lengthier written briefings will be accepted for the Board’s consideration.

If the presentation is supported with any written (electronic or paper-based) material and information, please ensure that the Secretary-Treasurer’s receives a copy of all materials by the Wednesday morning prior to the meeting. Depending on the number of requests for delegations to appear before the Board, you may be scheduled for a future regular Board meeting.

Board Correspondence

The Secretary-Treasurer’s department is the official office of communications for the Board. Communications addressed to the Board of Education will be included on the agenda of the next meeting. The deadline for submissions is 9 a.m. on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Communications should be forwarded to:
Secretary Treasurer
Sooke School District
3143 Jacklin Road
Victoria, BC V9B 5R1

Please note: any communications to the Board of Education may be included in a public information package to be presented at public board meetings. Please do not include any information you do not wish to be made public. Contact information such as emails, phone numbers or mailing addresses will be redacted.