Flo Ev Charging Stations

Flo EV Vehicle Charging Information

Several of our school sites have Flo EV charging stations. Should you wish to access Flo EV charging services at our sites, please familiarize yourself with their privacy and data collection details. Please note that the use of this service is optional, and individual users accessing Flo EV charging stations at any of our sites are responsible for understanding Flo's privacy and data collection details. 

Flo Privacy & Data Collection Details 

The use of Flo chargers requires the Flo EV Changing application. Within this application an account is required in order to initiate and pay for charging services. Part of this account creation requires the collection, use, and disclosure of personally identifiable information. The district has reviewed the Flo Privacy Policy and has create the below summary of information that is collected by the system and how it is used to provide services. 

  • Full Name 

  • Email 

  • Phone Number 

  • Payment Information (Credit Card, Google/Apple Pay) 

  • Date of birth (optional) 

  • Address (optional) 

  • Car make/model (optional) 

  • Location information (optional) 

Below is a summary of how the information is used by Flo. For full details, please review the FLO Privacy Policy

  • Create and maintain you FLO account.

  • Process your online purchases and deliver FLO products and services to you. 

  • Give you access to charging services on the FLO Network and networks operated by our roaming partners. 

  • Bill you for your charging activities on the FLO Network and networks operated by our roaming partners. 

  • Respond to your requests, complaints, comments, and questions. 

  • Detect and prevent fraud on, and security threats to, the FLO Network. 

  • Serve you advertising (Flo provides more details about this in the “What are our marketing and advertising practices” section of their Privacy Policy).