Executive Team

Appointed by the Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools/CEO is responsible for the administration of all District staff, services and programs as well supervising the requirements of the School Act.

Picture of Paul Block
Paul Block
(250) 474-9811


Harold Cull, Secretary-Treasurer
Harold Cull
(250) 474-9836


Picture of Monica Braniff
Monica Braniff
Deputy Superintendent 

(250) 474-9871

Dave Strange, Associate Superintendent
David Strange
Associate Superintendent
(250) 474-9806

Picture of D'Arcy Deacon
D'Arcy Deacon
Associate Superintendent

(250) 474-9821

Fred Hibbs Executive Director of HR
Fred Hibbs
Executive Director, Human Resources
(250) 474-9802

Farzaan Nusserwanji, Executive Director and CIO, Information Technology
Farzaan Nusserwanji
CIO & Executive Director, Digital Solutions

(250) 474-9870