District Growth

As one of the fastest growing school districts in British Columbia, we are constantly planning for the future. Future growth is projected to bring in upwards of 300-500 new students each year, our district plans today so that we can provide students, staff and communities with great infrastructure tomorrow.

Please take a moment to look over our plans to see how we will accommodate and shift for rapid growth.

Capital Plan Submission & Long Range Facilities Plan

This is a current update on projects like new schools, expansions, upgrades and replacements. 

Capital Projects

As a growing school district, we are always planning ahead for future growth. Our Board of Education continuously advocates to the provincial government to secure funding for new schools, expansions and upgrade projects.

The chart below outlines our major capital projects including new school construction, seismic replacements projects, and expansions.

Project Project Description Current Status Date of Approval Occupancy
Royal Bay Secondary Expansion Addition of 600 student spaces Complete Feb 2018 Sept 2020
PEXSISEN Elementary New school (capacity 500) Complete Mar 2019 Sept 2022
Centre Mountain Lellum Middle  New School (capacity 700) Complete Mar 2019 Nov 2022
SĆIȺNEW̱ SṮEȽIṮḴEȽ Elementary in South Langford New School (capacity 480) Approved June 2022 Sept 2025
Elementary in South Colwood New School (capacity 480) Seeking Approval    
Elementary in North Langford

New School (capacity 480)

Seeking Approval    
Port Renfrew Elementary Seismic Replacement Seeking Approval    
Secondary in North Langford New School (capacity 800-1000) Seeking Approval    
Elementary in Sun River New School (capacity 480) Seeking Approval