Strategic Priorities 2021-2025

Strategic Priorities 2021-2025





To develop and support adaptable learners who are creative, critical and social thinkers with the capacity to be educated citizens


To create a culture of belonging


To pursue organizational excellence to support a vibrant school district

Objective L1

To provide opportunities for learners to understand, respect and appreciate diversity and inclusion

Objective E1 

To develop, expand and implement, inclusive and collaborative, practices and processes

Objective G1

To strengthen organizational practices to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion

Objective L2

To provide opportunities for learners to develop critical and creative thinking skills

Objective E2

To further the goals of the Na’tsa’maht agreement following the objectives of ‘One Mind’ and ‘One Spirit’

Objective G2

To build and maintain spaces and resources that support our creative and critical learning and our culture of belonging

Objective L3

To ensure our learning environments are safe, accessible and welcoming

Objective E3

To develop, expand and implement respectful, effective, clear and transparent communications

Objective G3

To embrace ‘digital technologies’ and manage increasing complexity through leveraging the strategic use of resources 

Objective L4

To enhance student choice and voice

Objective E4

To continue to develop, expand and implement a culture of wellness

Objective G4 

To expand our culture of social responsibility and implement long-term commitments that strive to support society and protect the environment