Sooke Parents’ Education Advisory Council History

Parents from schools on lower Vancouver Island met on October 18th, 1982 to discuss the effects of the government restraint program on education. It was from this meeting that parents from the Sooke District decided to form a group of their own, to be known as the Sooke Parents Education Advisory Council (SPEAC).

During the first few months the newly elected executive worked extremely hard to make certain that all local schools had representation and that all teachers, principals, district office personnel and trustees were aware of the existence of the organization. In a very short time, SPEAC took a leadership role in facilitating parental involvement in education in many areas.


  • Has permanent delegate status at the School District 62 Board of Education meetings;
  • Is developing a series of pamphlets on volunteering and PAC positions, etc.;
  • Sponsors educational forums and conferences in conjunction with other parent groups;
  • Hosts an All Candidates meeting for local school trustee elections;
  • Hosts Parents’ Advisory Council Presidents meetings;
  • Has representatives on school district committees where parents are welcome;
  • Assists parents and PAC groups as needed in locating parent resources and support;
  • Is a member of the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC).

In 2004 the provincial Government legislated District Parents’ Advisory Councils. In January 2006 SD 62 adopted a policy and regulation recognizing the relationship between and the roles of the school district and SPEAC. In 2009 SPEAC added an apostophe to the word parents so that the name reflected the school act. The PACs and DPACs are public school parents’ organizations, possessive and plural.

Past Presidents of SPEAC

2018-2019  Melanie Armstrong
2017-2018  Brena Robinson
2013-15      Dori Thuot
2011-13      Stephanie Longstaff
2010-11      Brenda Cyr
2009-10      Kelly Dvorak
2007-09      Georgina Tran
2004-07      Stephanie Longstaff
2002-04      Norm Scott
1999-2002  Kelly Kerrie
1998-99      Deborah Dominy
1997-98      Alison Makkinga
1994-97      Deborah Dominy
1991-94      Sandra Strickland
1988-1991  Rosemary Redden
1986-88      Ellen Cole
1986           Marg Jacobson
1982-85      Sharon Wilkinson