New Schools

We're currently building two new schools!

Location: West Langford

Pexsisen Elementary School
Pronounced:  PUXXSEESUNG (PUXX/SEE/SUNG) is a Lkwungen and SENCOTEN word gifted to SD62 by Songhees First Nation. It means “the opening of hands” or “to have one’s hands wide open”.

Centre Mountain Lellum Middle School
Pronounced:  LAYLUM (LAY/LUM) was gifted to SD62 by Sc’ianew Nation (Beecher Bay) and carries the meaning of house and the idea of community, where we raise our children.

See a fly through video of the designs here!

Centre Mountain, located near the Westshore Parkway is the result of a treaty settlement between Sc’ianew, Metchosin and Langford, as well as provincial and federal governments.

Capital Projects

As a growing school district, we are always planning ahead for future growth. This means that our Board of Education is always  communicating with the government to work towards securing funding for more schools.

This chart provides updates on SD62's capital projects including new school construction, seismic replacements projects, additions, and other small projects.

Updates will be posted to each project page linked in project name, and may include text, photos, videos and applicable links to other websites.

Project Project Description Current Status Date of Approval Occupancy
Royal Bay Secondary Expansion Addition of 600 students Complete Feb. 2018 Sept. 2020
Pexsisen Elementary New school (capacity 500) Under Construction Mar. 2019 Sept. 2022
Centre Mountain Lellum Middle  New School (capacity 700) Under Construction Mar. 2019 Sept. 2022
Elementary in South Langford New School (capacity 500) Property Acquired July, 2020  
Elementary in South Colwood New School (capacity 500) Property Acquired Sept. 2020  
Secondary in North Langford New School (capacity 800-1000) Pending Enrolment TBD  
Elementary in Sooke River New School (capacity 500) Pending Enrolment TBD  
Elementary in North Langford New School (capacity 500) Seeking Approval TBD