Picture of Allison Watson

Allison Watson

  • Member, Education Policy
  • Member, School Board Office Renewal Committee
  • Alternate, Edward Milne Community School Society

Allison Watson (she/her) is a lifelong resident on the traditional territory of T’Sou-ke Nation where she is now raising her two children.  She has a Major in Indigenous Studies from the University of Vancouver Island and a background in employment services and co-operative education.

Allison was first elected in the SD62 Milnes Landing zone in 2018. She served as the district’s chair of the Education Policy committee and the chair of the BC School Trustees Association’s Climate Change Working Group.

Twitter: @Sd62Watson
Facebook: Allison Watson - SD62 School Board Trustee

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Picture of Amanda Dowhy

Amanda Dowhy, Board Chair

  • Board Representative to the BC School Trustees Association
  • Chair, School Board Office Renewal Committee
  • Chair, Personnel Committee
  • Representative, Edward Milne Community School Society

Amanda Dowhy is long time Sooke resident, avid community volunteer, and an Edward Milne Community School graduate. She has a background in Hospitality, Business Administration, and Accounting rounded out with nearly a decade as an engaged parent volunteer at the school PAC, District PAC, and Provincial PAC levels. She was elected during her first campaign to serve on the Sooke School District Board in 2022.

Amanda lives in the Saseenos area of Sooke on a small farm with her husband, two children, and a variety of pets and livestock. She has actively been involved in the community for more than 20 years with a number of organizations including Sooke Sea Cadets, Sooke Harbourside Lions, Sooke Rotary, Sooke Region Chamber of Commerce, and more. She is incredibly grateful to her family, friends, and colleagues who have supported and encouraged her to serve on the Board of Education for SD62.  

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Picture of Cendra Beaton

Cendra Beaton, Vice Chair

  • BC Public School Employers Association Representative
  • Alternate, The Village Initiative
  • Representative, French Advisory Committee
  • Chair, Education Policy Committee
  • Member, Audit Committee
  • Member, Personnel Committee

Cendra is currently serving in her first term as Trustee. She speaks fluently in both French and English. Cendra has two children that she is raising in SD62 and they are a proud military family. She has served as the President of both SPEAC and the CPF Sooke Chapter in SD62 as a passionate parent education advocate for a long time. Cendra believes strongly in building strong relationships and communications with internal and external partners, staff and students, and our community.

Twitter: @TrusteeBeaton
Facebook: Cendra Beaton- SD62 Trustee

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Picture of Christine Lervold

Christine Lervold

  • BC School Trustees Association Representative
  • Chair, Resource Committee
  • Chair, Audit Committee
  • Member, Personnel Committee
  • Alternate, NA'TSA'MAHT Indigenous Education

Christine is a lifelong resident of Langford, former teacher and parent in the Sooke School District. From a young age, Christine has been involved in the community by participating and volunteering in minor sports, non-profit and charitable organizations. She also served as a B.C. Public Servant for over 25 years, working for various Crown Corporations and Ministries; including the Ministry of Education.  Christine formed her own technology and management consulting company, providing service transformation planning and advisory services within large scale, complex organizations.

Christine believes in cultivating lifelong learners by providing safe, inclusive, diverse and innovative learning environments, where all students have the opportunity to thrive and achieve their potential. 

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Picture of Ebony Logins

Ebony Logins

  • BC School Trustees Association Representative (Alternate)
  • Member, Resource Committee
  • Chair, Governance Committee
  • Alternate, French Advisory Committee

Ebony Logins was elected to the Board of Education in 2022. She was previously elected to the District of Sooke Council in 2014 and again in 2018. In 2009, she earned a degree in Tourism and Recreation Management from Vancouver Island University. She worked for SD62 as a Community School Coordinator and Athletic Director, and returned to school to obtain a post-degree diploma in Business: Human Resources and Leadership from Camosun College in 2020.

Ebony was raised in a renovated school bus in the Sooke hills and is a graduate of Edward Milne Community School. She is an advocate for physical literacy and inclusivity. As a life-long volunteer, Ebony has dedicated over 20 years to sport and youth engagement. She sits on the local committee for Special Olympics BC-Victoria. 

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Picture of Russ Chipps

Russ Chipps

  • Representative, NA'TSA'MAHT Indigenous Education
  • Member, Resource Committee
  • Member, Governance Committee

Russ Chipps is the current Chief of Beecher Bay First Nation (Sc’ianew), a role he has held since 2010. As Chief, he is involved in the day-to-day governance of Beecher Bay First Nation, business opportunities and community initiatives. Chief Trustee Chipps has been involved in SD62 for a number of years as a valued community member from Beecher Bay and as a volunteer on various committees. He worked with the Na’tsa’maht Indigenous Education Department to help create the Role Model Program, an interactive experience that welcomes Indigenous knowledge keepers into classrooms across the district to share traditional knowledge and ways of being.  Russ brings a strong understanding and background on governance, Indigenous perspectives and historical knowledge of SD62.

Russ lives in Beecher Bay First Nation with his wife. He is the proud father of three children and one grandchild.

Facebook: Russ Chipps School Trustee SD62

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Picture of Trudy Spiller

Trudy Spiller

  • BC Public School Employers Association Representative (Alternate)
  • Member, Education Policy Committee
  • Member, Governance Committee
  • Alternate, Victoria Family Court Youth Justice Committee
  • Representative, The Village Initiative

Trudy is from the Wolf Clan in Northern BC of the Gitxsan Nation. Her traditional name is Lugaganowais, meaning a frog that is always giving. She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Trudy spent her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the province until her retirement in 2016. During her tenure as an LPN, Trudy held several union executive positions including Chair of the HEU First Nation Standing Committee and as a member of the CUPE National Aboriginal Council. 

In 2011, Trudy became a Role Model for our Na'tsa'maht Indigenous Education Department sharing knowledge and teachings about traditional medicine, food and dress. She was encouraged by many teachers in the district to consider writing a book. In 2017, Trudy completed "Trudy's Rock Story," and in 2019, it was published for younger audiences as "Trudy's Healing Stone." 

Trudy is an active member of her community, serving in many capacities as she advocates for a strong, healthy community where families will grow and flourish.

Twitter: @spiller_trudy

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