School Change Requests

Parents wanting to register their child for a school other than their neighbourhood catchment school must submit a School Change Request. Requests can be made when registering for Kindergarten or at any grade level throughout the year.

School Catchment Requests follow our Student Enrolment Priorities. Only after a school’s space and resource capabilities have been determined will school change request transfer students be approved.

School Change Process

Kindergarten/new students

Parents of kindergarten-aged students can register their child and submit a School Change Request during registration week. Please follow this order:

  1. Register your child into SD62
  2. Submit a School Change Request

Current SD62 students

Please submit a School Change Request.

In the event space is limited and a middle or secondary school cannot accept all non-catchment student requests, priority will be given to those non-catchment students already in the determined pathway of schools, over other non-catchment, non-pathway students. The student enrolment priorities apply to new registrations, transfer requests and student transitions between elementary and middle, and middle and high school for both English and French programs.

The system will automatically mark the time the district receives the application for this online process.


Applications received by March 30, 2021 will receive one of the responses below (by phone or email) before June 1st:

  • Pending (capacity and space review)
  • Approved
  • Not approved
  • Waitlist (delayed until fall when capacity is reviewed again)
  • Withdrawn

Applications received after March 31st can expect a response in September, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions