Online & Blended Learning

Westshore Centre for Learning and Training provides a number of options for students who choose to complete their high school education outside of the traditional schools.

Blended Learning for Grades 6-8

The Blended Learning Program is offered through SD62’s Westshore Centre. Open to full-time students in Grades 6-9, students will learn four days per week remotely from home and attend one day per week in-person.

Visit the Blended Learning page to learn more about the SD62 Blended Learning program, see an example timetable and read frequently asked questions. 

Distributed Learning (DL) for Grades 9-12

DL is a popular choice for secondary students in Grades 9-12 who may want to work remotely at their own pace. DL is also a great choice for students who may want to work at a faster pace than they would get in-class.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if DL is the right decision for your child.

Please Visit Westshore Centre for Learning and Training for more information and to register for any of our alternative programs.