The Facilities Department is made up of highly trained, well qualified staff who are responsible for maintenance services, custodial services, planning & construction and utilities. The facilities team provides an excellent learning environment for students and staff of the Sooke School District by providing sustainable facilities and services that foster the personal best of our students.

Services utilizing the most cost-effective methods, while allowing for innovation and use of “best practices” are provided. Technology has been integrated wherever possible to assist with tasks including the work order system, tracking and scheduling work and installing, maintaining and troubleshooting systems.

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All heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the district are operated and maintained to their standards and specifications, so they continue to work properly and are consistent with Occupational Health and Safety and WorkSafeBC standards.

These systems are regularly inspected, and concerns from schools/sites are promptly investigated by our Facilities department.

All mechanical ventilation systems at our schools and sites are equipped with Merv-13 filters. We have also upgraded building automation systems to remotely monitor and control outside air, CO2 levels and quickly ascertain a problem with an HVAC system to respond in a timely fashion to address.

In addition, to optimize ventilation, we have implemented the following protocols at all sites:

  • Increased the volume/exchanges of fresh air being supplied into all buildings by expanding the 'occupied' hours;
  • Reduced the CO2 set point from 900 ppm to 700ppm; and
  • Increased the minimum outside air damper position from 10% to 20%.

Community Use of Building and Grounds

We have some resources that outline our policies, regulations, and applicable fees for community use of our schools, grounds, and equipment.

The facilities department currently takes care of:

  • 31 Buildings
  • 60 Portables
  • 1000 Hectares of Grounds & Fields
  • 100,000 Square Meters of Space (1,184,030 Sq. Ft.)
  • Replacement Cost of over $200 million
  • Permanent Capacity for 10,410 Students

Maintenance Services:

  • Emergency Repairs – 24 hours per Day
  • Day to Day Maintenance Repairs
  • Preventive and Seasonal Maintenance
  • Improvements and Small Projects (flooring replacement, roof replacement, painting, and duct cleaning)
  • In-house Bookings and District Equipment Supply

Custodial Services:

  • Providing Custodians who clean all our facilities
  • Cleaning to established standards, procedures, using LEED approved supplies and materials