K-12 Student Reporting Information

Student reporting is the way your child's teacher shares information about their progress with you. The way in which this information is shared with you is evolving. 

Throughout the school year, you should expect to receive at least five updates about your child's learning. You will get 3 written Learning Updates that are like report cards, and 2 informal Learning Updates, like conferences, e-mails, or calls from the teacher.

The Ministry of Education and Child Care is responsible for the learning update order which sets out the requirements for student reporting. 

K-9 Student Reporting

For students in grades K-9, the Provincial Proficiency Scale and descriptive feedback will now be used together to explain where a child is at in their learning and how they can improve. This approach focuses on students' strengths and views learning as ongoing. 

10-12 Student Reporting

In high school, letter grades and percentages will still be used to ensure successful transition to post-secondary.  Students in 10-12 will now also receive descriptive feedback on their report cards to clearly explain where they are at in their learning, and how they can move forward. They will also receive a graduation status update on the last report of every school year in grades 10, 11, and 12. 

In all grades, students will self-reflect on the Core Competencies and set goals for themselves. This gives them control over their learning and helps them keep growing throughout their lives.

Resources for Parents & Caregivers

The Ministry of Education has developed materials to support teachers, school leaders, parents and caregivers in the upcoming shifts to student reporting.

More information about Student Reporting