Attendance Guidelines

Student Attendance Guidelines

Regular and punctual student attendance is foundational to student success and engagement. Consistent attendance is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. Absence(s) due to illness or other extenuating circumstances needs to be confirmed by the parent/guardian by telephone or email, prior to the absence or upon the student’s return to school for the absence is to be considered “excused.”

  • A student requiring an early dismissal due to illness or for appointments during school hours will provide a written or telephone notice before checking out through the general office.
  • Where an extended period of absenteeism is anticipated, the school should be advised and home study materials requested, if appropriate.
  • It is expected that a parent(s)/guardian(s) of students will monitor their attendance by checking through the MyEducationBC Family portal and consult their teacher, a counsellor or administrator if assistance or advice is needed.
  • Extended or lengthy absences (family) should be communicated well in advance if possible. Discussions about the best option for providing educational services while away from school will follow to determine the best way to meet student needs while balancing school resources.

In order to support regular attendance and student engagement, the school’s teachers, counsellors, and administration will communicate with parents/guardians regarding concerns about student engagement & unexcused absences and provide support by:

  • communicating with parent(s)/guardian(s) by phone or email concerns about missed classes
  • teacher referral to the alpha counsellor and vice principal
  • referral to School Based Team
  • monthly school wide review of attendance
  • collaborate with a student, their parent(s)/guardian(s), and/or school-based team (teacher, counsellor, vice principal, district support staff) to create a plan for regular attendance.

Continued truancy/unexcused absence may result in:

  • a meeting where student and parents/guardians are required to attend with the Principal and/or the Vice Principal to explore solutions to address attendance
  • not meeting the required curricular outcomes resulting in failure of courses and the need to redo courses required for graduation
  • non disciplinary actions to support student via a referral to District Based Team to assess supports and reviews decisions on school placement and accessing school programming