CUPE Job Descriptions

(links to the following job descriptions coming soon)

Aboriginal Classroom Program Assistant

Aboriginal Education Secretary

Academy Student Information Secretary

Admin Assistant - Student Support Services

After School Care Assistant

After School Care Coordinator

Augmentative Communication and Adaptive Technology Assistant

Building Trades Education Assistant Bus Driver - District

Bus Driver

Capital Foreman

Career Coordinator


Central Call-In

Clerk Accounts - Belmont/EMCS/RBSS/International Ed

Clerk Middle-Secondary School

Communication Facilitator

Computer Support and Network Analyst

Cook - Teaching Kitchen

Crossing Guard

Curriculum Secretary

Custodial Foreperson

Custodian I

Early Childhood Educator (under review)

Early Childhood Educator Assistant (under review)

Education Assistant

Education Assistant - ASD Mentor

Education Assistant - Braille

Education Assistant - District Social Emotional Learning (under review)

Education Assistant - District Inclusion Assistant

Education Assistant - District Intervenor

Education Assistant - French Language

Education Assistant - Low Incidence Mentor

Education Assistant - Science

Electrician I

Elementary School Clerk (under review)

Energy Specialist

Environmental Technician

Equipment Operator I

Equipment Operator II

Equipment Repair Person

Facilities Accounting Clerk

Facilities Clerk

Finance Accounts Clerk

Finance Department Clerk

Financial Systems Technician

Finance Tech Reconciliations

Fleet Vehicle Mechanic

Grounds Foreperson

Grounds Maintenance I

Grounds Maintenance II

Gym Floor Crew

Gym Floor Leadhand

Head Custodian - Afternoon Shift

Head Custodian - Day Shift

Health Care Assistant (under review)

Heating Mechanic

Help Desk Analyst I (under review)

Help Desk and Computer Support

Human Resources Assistant

Irrigation Technician

IT Team Lead (under review)



Landscape Horticulturalist

Leadhand Building Trades

Leadhand Electrician

Leadhand Grounds Maintenance

Leadhand Mechanical

Leadhand Painter

Library Assistant

Nature Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator


Payroll Technician


Receptionist - Board Office

School Meals Program Coordinator

Secretary II

Secretary IV -  Continuing Education

Secretary IV - International Student Program

Senior Budget Analyst (under review)

Senior Payroll Technician (under review)

Senior Network Analyst

Senior Secretary III - Middle/Secondary School

Senior Server Administrator (under review)

Strong Start Facilitator

Strong Start Outreach Coordinator (under review)

Student Data Support Analyst

Student Engagement Facilitator

Student Information Secretary - Westshore

Student Information Systems Clerk

Supervision Assistant

Transportation Clerk/Dispatcher

Utility Driver/Warehouseman

Visual Language Interpreter

Wraparound Coordinator

Youth Care Worker (under review)