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Why Career Education?

The Career Education curriculum supports students in becoming successful, educated citizens by helping them learn how to effectively manage their life journey toward preferred future possibilities.

Research shows:

  • that children start to make assumptions about their suitability to a career as early as age 5.
  • that starting early with career-related learning led to a better understanding of the importance of core subjects, increased confidence in schools, and an understanding that boys and girls can do the same job.



  • In Kindergarten to Grade 5, career-life development is largely about the expanding sense of self, positive community engagement, and reflection on learning and goal-setting.
  • Students develop an awareness of their personal interests and strengths, and the roles and responsibilities of family, school, and community in supporting their lifelong learning journey.


  • In Grades 6-8, students continue to reflect on, self-assess, and set goals in personal competency development and determine their strengths and preferences as they explore career-life concepts such as identity, leadership, personal planning, and transferable skills.
  • Students are introduced to increasingly diverse experiential learning opportunities and ways in which family, mentors, and community networks support their continued career-life development.


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