Na’tsa’maht Enhancement Agreement

Our third Na’tsa’maht Enhancement Agreement is in place until 2027. The agreement was developed by the school district in consultation with local Nations: Sc’ianew, T’Sou-ke and Pacheedaht, as well as Métis, Inuit and other Indigenous partners that reside in Coast Salish and Nuu-chah-nulth territories. The agreement ensures we maintain the ongoing collective ownership and commitment to improve the success of Indigenous students while providing learning opportunities to all students, staff and community. 

The agreement consists of two goals:

One Mind Goal

To continue to build the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual strengths of Aboriginal students from their early years, leading to a Dogwood Diploma, and preparing them for post-secondary education, by providing safe, flexible, and culturally responsive learning environments.

One Spirit Goal

To continue awareness and knowledge of local First Nations, Metis, and Inuit:  languages, cultures, histories and contemporary practices created through community collaboration and authentic resources founded on the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning. 

“Na’tsa’maht: being of one mind, one spirit. Together, working side by side, supporting each other, walking together. Good mind, good spirit for the good of our children, for the good of Mother Earth sustaining us.”

– Elder Shirley Alphonse

Group of people standing in front of totem pole.

Na’tsa’maht is a five-year working agreement made by our school district, all local Indigenous communities and the Ministry of Education, to maintain the ongoing collective ownership to improve the success of Aboriginal students while providing learning opportunities to all students, staff and community. The intent of Na’tsa’maht is to engage staff, students, families and communities in collective ownership of its goals and aspirations.

Collective ownership can be defined as each person within the SD62 community embracing and taking responsibility for the success of the Na’tsa’maht goals. Na’tsa’maht is in alignment with goal #3 of the District Achievement Contract by focusing on the Indigenous Ways of Knowing at all levels. Learn more about other Indigenous Enhancement Agreements.

2022-2027 Enhancement Agreement

2016-2021 Enhancement Agreement

2009 – 2014 Enhancement Agreement

Traditional Territory Acknowledgement

Territory Acknowledgments honour and show respect to the nations who have lived, worked and played in a location since time immemorial. We are proud of the relationships we have with our three local nations, and use the words gifted by them in our territory acknowledgements. The Douglas Treaty area is unceded territory or land that has never been surrendered historically. Pacheedaht Nation does not have a treaty and is unceded territory. 

SD62 Territory Acknowledgement Information

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