#DifferentTogether - SD62 Board of Education accepts pledge


Racism and hate have no place in our society and certainly no place in the greater community that makes up SD62.

We are a school district rich in diversity. One that consistently strives to do better, to work with our students, staff, peers and partners to embrace the differences that make us who we are.

SD62 supports Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity education. Our SOGI-inclusive schools embrace all orientations and identities, oppose discrimination of any kind and encourage conversations around diversity and acceptance.

The Indigenous Equity Scan Project gives SD62 the opportunity to self-assess the experience of education for our Indigenous learners in a meaningful way, viewing systemic barriers impacting Indigenous student achievement through a lens designed to focus on creating conditions for success.

SD62 educates according to a provincial curriculum that sets Personal and Social Competencies relating to students’ identities in the world, both as individuals and as members of their community and society as a whole. We are proud to include Personal Awareness and Responsibility, Positive Personal and Cultural Identity and Social Awareness and Responsibility in the lessons we teach children every day.

We are proud of our commitment to our learning community. Everyone in SD62 does excellent work every day understanding and supporting inclusion.

We know we can and will do more. We must work together to take a stand against hatred, to respect and celebrate diversity and to actively oppose racism and violence in all forms.

To that end, the Board of Education No. 62 (Sooke) has accepted British Columbia’s Lt. Governor, Janet Austin’s pledge by formal motion.


We encourage everyone to join us in this self-call to action and pledge to oppose race-based violence and discrimination in all its forms. We are diverse, we are strong and we will uphold our Canadian values in the face of hatred. 

We are all in this together – we are all #DifferentTogether.