Improving SD62 Transportation


We are re-evaluating our school bus transportation policies in order to better meet the needs of our families, and at the same time, deliver reliable service. We need to do all of this within a certain budget.

Let us know what you think about the following proposed changes. Please click this link to contribute to the ThoughtExchange.

SD62 needs your input on these proposed changes about our school district's school bus transportation service:

  1. A $25 registration fee (fees waived for families in financial need) that will be used to directly improve student and driver safety.
  2. Defined registration period: February – April. Route information sent to registrants in June. Registrations can take place after the registration window, but will be subject to space/availability.
  3. School bussing only available within catchment. School bus transportation would not be available for a student who attends a school outside of their catchment or family of schools. (French Immersion would be in the French Immersion catchment). BC Transit hub stations may be used for secondary students who attend a school other than their catchment school. They would have the option to take SD62 transportation to a BC Transit exchange to continue the remainder of the way to school on public transportation.
  4. A rider fee of $175-250 (with a max amount per family) that would improve service levels and wait times.
  5. Walk limits (1 km for Elementary and 2 km for Middle/Secondary) in urban areas only.

Information from this ThoughtExchange will be compiled and brought forward to the Board of Education for consideration. Final decisions will be made by the Board of Education at the end of January, 2021.

Go to ThoughtExchange now and let us know what you think!

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our school bus transportation system.