School Bus Registration 2022-2023

The SD62 Transportation Policy is currently under review and eligibility of out of catchment riders may be affected. The final Transportation Policy will be approved in late April 2022 after which time, the eligibility for any out of catchment student riders will be determined and you will be notified if your student is not eligible for transportation services. We thank you for your patience.

Please note: after April 30, students are queued on a wait list and will be added to routes based on availability. Applications are processed in order of the a time/date of your application.

  • Current Parent/Guardian Information
  • Student Information
  • School Bus Rules
  • Complete

You will need your child’s Pupil # / PEN  or New Student Registration Number to register for the bus.

Parents with current SD62 students: You can find your child’s PEN / Pupil # in the Online Consent Portal.

    Parents with newly registered students: Please use your New Student Registration Number (six to seven-digit number) starting with the letter R that was sent to your email when you first registered your child. 

    Format: 123-456-7890
    Format: 123-456-7890