École Poirier Elementary

School Overview

Our Learners

Focus and Planning

What focus(es) emerge as goals to pursue?

Critical and Creative Thinking
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Indigenous Education
Social Emotional Learning

Explicitly teaching and modeling: analyzing, critiquing, questioning, investigating, designing and creating skills

School Goal 1

To weave the indigenous principles of learning into our daily practice.

Strategic Plan Goal
Strategic Plan Engagement Objectives
Further the goals of the Na'tsa'maht agreement following the objectives of 'One Mind' and 'One Spirit'.

School Goal 2

To help our students learn strategies and ways to promote kindness and to connect positive actions with positive consequences.

Strategic Plan Goal
Strategic Plan Learning Objectives
Provide opportunities for learners to understand, respect and appreciate diversity and inclusion.

How can the district support your goals?

Reflect, Adjust, Celebrate