Willway Elementary

School Overview

Our Learners

Focus and Planning

What focus(es) emerge as goals to pursue?

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Indigenous Education
Intellectual Development
Social Emotional Learning

School Goal 1

Staff decided we needed to change our focus to Numeracy in order to support learners to further develop their skills in this area.  This year was a year of learning for our teachers in preparation for implementation in September 2024.  Our Summary of Learning Reports indicate that 35% of our students are not yet proficient in Numeracy.  

Our goal is to improve our students' numeracy skills through the use of a school-wide assessment tool used to inform teaching in the fall and assess skill development in the spring, as well as through the use of shared and consistent numeracy resources supported by the District Curriculum Transformation Team. 

Strategic Plan Goal
Strategic Plan Learning Objectives
Provide opportunites for learners to develop critical and creative thinking skills.

School Goal 2

Continue to bring awareness and visibility to the SENĆOŦEN language.

Strategic Plan Goal
Strategic Plan Engagement Objectives
Further the goals of the Na'tsa'maht agreement following the objectives of 'One Mind' and 'One Spirit'.

How can the district support your goals?

Reflect, Adjust, Celebrate