The Sooke School District has put in place strict measures for any visitors wanting to enter our schools or buildings. Visitors must have a scheduled time if they wish to enter schools or buildings. To schedule a visit, please contact the school or building directly.

Planning a visit?

Once you have scheduled a time with the school or building, you must do the following before entering the site:

  1. Review and complete a Daily Health Check
  2. Complete online consent here
  3. Wash or sanitize hands as soon as you enter and when exiting
  4. Notify office of the areas you will occupy
  5. Wear a mask at all times when indoors
  6. Ensure physical distancing (2metres) during meeting

Fill out the Health and Safety Acknowledgement Now


  • Limit items touched and only access area required for meeting/visit
  • Do not share food (e.g. fruit trays, deli trays, cupcakes, etc.)

  • Do not share office equipment like pens, scissors, staplers, etc.

  • No skin to skin contact with others (handshaking, hugging, etc.)

  • Avoid touching face (specifically eyes, nose and mouth)

  • Follow respiratory etiquette:
    • Cover your mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow and dispose of used tissues in a plastic-lined waste container. Wash hands.
  • Do not enter a SD62 school or building if you are sick!