Survey: Return to in-class support for middle & secondary schools

As we return to in-class support, hearing from you is important.

The Ministry of Education has announced a partial return to in-class support beginning June 1st. As you may know, returning to in-class support is part-time and voluntary (not mandatory). Teachers will continue to provide and support the continuity of learning plans and learning opportunities through remote (online) learning and other instructional means.

For middle & secondary students, the purpose of a return to school in June is to further support remote learning in academic subjects with a focus on course completion and meeting academic requirements for graduation that cannot be completed remotely. Support for experiential courses will be offered however due to Health & Safety protocols experiential opportunities that involve ‘hands on’ learning such as, art, wood, metal, automotive, foods, culinary arts, home economics, cosmetology, PHE, music, electronics, computer & science labs will not be available.  Students will come to the school via a registration process and by appointment only.