District Executive

Appointed by the Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools/CEO is responsible for the administration of all District staff, services and programs as well supervising the requirements of the School Act.

Scott Stinson, Superintendent and CEO

Scott Stinson
Superintendent of Schools/CEO
(250) 474-9811


Harold Cull, Secretary-Treasurer

Harold Cull
Secretary Treasurer
(250) 474-9836



Monica Braniff Associate Superintendent (From Aug 2022)

Monica Braniff
​​​​​​Associate Superintendent 
(250) 686-3563

Dave Strange, Associate Superintendent

Dave Strange
Associate Superintendent
(250) 474-9806

Paul Block, Associate Superintendent

Paul Block
Associate Superintendent
(250) 474-9821

Fred Hibbs Executive Director of HR

Fred Hibbs
Executive Director, HR
(250) 686-4492

Farzaan Nusserwanji, Executive Director and CIO, Information Technology

Farzaan Nusserwanji
CIO & Executive Director, IT

(250) 474-9870


District Executive, Nov 2022