SPEAC Registration can be done online, please register your PAC using the link below. The registration will allow you to update all your PAC contact information with SPEAC as well.
SPEAC Online Registration

SPEAC encourages PAC membership in BCCPAC (BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) Registration can also be done online, link below:

PAC Member Registration

SPEAC Meetings 

All parents and guardians that have a child registered in SD62 are invited and welcome to attend SPEAC meetings. **Voting is limited to the appointed delegates of each school (one vote per school).

All SPEAC meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and will take place online.

Get the link to join a meeting - please contact SPEAC at least a few days in advance of the meeting, so that you can get the link on time.

Meetings generally take place on third Wednesday of each month:

There are many partners involved in your child’s education.

Who is in the Sooke SD62 education family?

Become more involved by:

  • Attending your school’s PAC or DPAC meetings
  • Signing up for the SPEAC Newsletter

Every school has a Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC)

PAC meets regularly in each school. All parents are eligible to be members of their school’s PAC and are encouraged to attend. PACs meet to advise and help the schools in a variety of ways, and to inform and support parents. SPEAC is the SD62 District PAC, (DPAC) and serves as a monthly forum for elected delegates and interested parents from each school in the district to meet and discuss district wide issues and promote education. SPEAC provides parent representation on various school board committees and is represented at regular board meetings.

Contact email: speacpres@sd62.bc.ca