Inclement Weather

It is up to the parent/guardian to decide if they feel comfortable sending their child to school. We support and respect your decision. If you decide not to send your child to school, please notify the school of their absence."

Our weather can include snow, cold temperatures, fog, freezing rain and wind chill that make getting to and from school challenging. Families are reminded to prepare and take extra caution during the winter months and periods of extreme weather.

The decision to close a school due to a power outage is made on a case-by-case basis, taking all factors into careful consideration. SD62 schools will do its best to be open for students and staff on all prescribed school days to provide duty of care. The safety of students and staff is our first priority. Circumstances like snow, flooding, power outage and more could cause disruption to a normal school day. During times like these, the decision to close schools or cancel school buses will be made by the Superintendent.

If you are able to access the internet via computer or smartphone, current information about school closures can be accessed on all school websites or www.sd62.bc. Updates are also posted to Twitter, and Facebook. 

Local radio stations are also informed of school closures. 

Please note: Typically, only cancellations, closures or delayed school openings will be announced. Except under extreme circumstances, no announcement will be made that schools are open.

School closure during school hours

If weather conditions create a concern for safety, the school principal may close the school after consulting with the Superintendent. While every effort will be made to keep schools open, parents are encouraged to establish a plan for their children in the event of early dismissal or school closure. Closure announcements will be made by the methods listed above.

  • Elementary and middle schools – Teachers will contact parents or emergency contacts to advise of closure. Students may only leave with their parent/guardian.
  • Secondary schools – Students will be free to leave after the closure announcement is made and it is deemed safe. Schools will remain open until all students are picked up or transported home by school bus.

School bus cancellation

School bus transportation may be cancelled when the Superintendent is advised by the Transportation Department that roads are in poor condition and not safe. The Superintendent will then make the decision to open schools as normal or close them.

Buses are cancelled, but schools are open

  • The choice to bring children to school is that of the parent/guardian.
  • Schools will not conduct a normal instructional day because of the decrease in students and staff.

School closure outside of school hours

Depending on the severity of the weather, the Superintendent may make a decision to close schools for students or for both staff and students. In rare circumstances, some schools may be kept open because of location and the need for a safe place for students.

Be prepared

Families should ensure they are prepared for all weather conditions.

  • Children should be well prepared and dressed for the weather.

  • Children will find it easier to walk through the ice and snow when school items and lunches are carried in a back pack.

  • Children should not be left unattended at bus stops for any period of time, under any circumstances. They should have clear instructions on how long to await for the bus and what to do if the bus does not arrive.

  • Families should ensure that they have back-up care arrangements if transportation is delayed. Children should have a warm place to stay before and after school (i.e. with a neighbour or a nearby relative).

Transportation Delays

With changing weather conditions, roads may also be congested and slippery resulting in possible traffic and bus delays. Unusually cold or stormy weather can result in buses being delayed. Unexpected mechanical problems with the bus may also occur more frequently at this time of year. Children should be dressed appropriately for the colder weather as buses cool off very quickly.