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The SD62 Career Education department’s programs provide students in grade K-12 and beyond with pathways to employment, post-secondary, and skilled trades.  Our actions and vision support our District’s Strategic Plan as well as the Ministry of Education and Child Care’s Vision for Student Success. As per the MECC’s mandate of developing the “Educated Citizen,” the SD62 Career Education team focuses on supporting the intellectual, human & social, and career development of students through engaging learning activities, see it be it opportunities, and robust dual credit and skilled trades programs.

In grades K-8, our district team supports students by collaborating with school staff on numerous hands on and activity-based opportunities such as Try a Tool, Make Do projects, Ignite presentations, and Jr. Skills Canada events and competitions to name a few.

In grade 9-12, our district team supports our four secondary school Career Ed departments in providing students with career pathway opportunities leading to employment (work experience), post-secondary (dual credit academic) and the skilled trades (post-secondary skilled trades programs).


Dual Credit Work Experience 12A & 12B Youth Train in Trades Youth Work in Trades
Youth Explore Trades Skills
TASK Trade Samplers Elementary & Middle  


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SD62 K-12 Career Education Roadmap