Strategic Plan

2021 sees the start of a new Strategic Plan for the Sooke School District. The Strategic Plan contains the Board of Education's overall vision and goals that they want the school district to work towards. The Plan is important as it guides decision-making, budget use, and the activities found in the annual Operational Plan.

Through comprehensive engagement and consultation, Strategic Plan 2021-2025 was born. Thank you to staff, parents, students, partner groups and the general public for sharing their thoughts on what will now guide the district for the next four years.

Whether it's by joining a school's parent advisory council, attending a board meeting or being an active participant in the day-to-day learning of children, you are invited to join us as we work together to achieve our mission and goals, while driving the values and beliefs that make us proud to be SD62.

Be You + Be Here + Belong = Be SD62

2021/2025 - Current Plan

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Measuring Progress

Setting strategic priorities requires thinking about what we are aiming to achieve and how we will know if we’ve achieved our goals. Complete information can be found on page 23 of Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

Accountability Framework - using multiple data points, we will measure, assess and understand progress. Measurements will be taken from the results of the activities detailed in SD62’s annual Operations Plan, regular and specific data collection that conveys the degree of progress. 

As we progress, we will fill out an assessment rubric. Cells will be completed based on progress markers developed for each planned objective over the next four years.

Assessment Rubric 

2018/2021 - Previous Plan and Summary Report

The Summary Report contains in-depth information and data pertaining to the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. It paints a picture of the many accomplishments achieved during this time and highlights some of the areas in which we need to continue working towards.

2018-2021 Summary Report 

2018-2021 Strategic Plan