Resources for Remote French Learners

This page is for SD62 French Immersion parents and students who are currently enrolled in the remote learning option.

While the activities below are not a replacement for time spent learning in the French Immersion classroom, they are intended to provide families with some “go to” websites that contain useful reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.

Maintaining Language Proficiency Away from the Classroom

Some ongoing maintenance of French is important for Immersion students who are currently learning remotely; eventual return to the immersion classroom will happen more smoothly for those who have continued to make some use of their French second language skills.

Suggested Daily Routine (all done in French):

  • Read
  • Speak - chat with a peer, other family member or someone else in your community who either speaks or understands French.
  • Listen -  music, French audio books, French radio, movies or other short video clips.
  • Write - jourinal writing, sending an email or message.

Please select one of the following to access a great list of resources:

  1. Primary Resources
  2. Intermediate Resources
  3. Middle/Secondary Resources

Even if you only do the above un petit peu, these activities can be helpful in supporting French language skills.

Daily Listening and Reading in French  

Most students learning in English programs have developed oral skills outside of the classroom (before starting school) and have continued opportunities to use their oral skills in our predominantly English-speaking communities (as they progress through school). English program students generally have a strong oral base before beginning to develop their literacy competencies in the school setting. This is not the case for French Immersion learners who build upon both literacy and oral skills at the same time. As such, for French immersion second language learners who are out of the classroom for extended periods of time, it is important that language skills be maintained to the best degree possible.

We encourage French Immersion learners and families in remote learning situations to consider taking daily opportunities to interact with French reading and listening activities. The below suggested resources have been divided according to level (primary, intermediate and middle/secondary) and are accessible to parents and students at no cost. Within these lists of websites, you will find various reading, viewing and listening activities.