Digital Solutions

Note: Digital Solutions is the new name for our "Information Technology" Department

Digital Solutions Operational Plan

Digital Solutions Vision and Mission

In service of the district, the Digital Solutions department:

  • Promotes critical thinking, equity, ethics, morality, and safety in the use of technology
  • Provides “Best in Class” IT service
  • Empower users through technology
  • Is the first stop for IT solutions

Our Key Objectives

The Digital Solutions strategic plan calls for the implementation of multiple projects that are designed to:

  • Support Education and Learning
  • Provide Resilient Information Systems
  • Drive IT Infrastructure Renewal
  • Actively Manage Cyber Security and IT Risk
  • Build “Best in Class” IT Team and Competencies

Our Services

The Digital Solutions department provides key services to Sooke School District.

Digital Solutions Services



Digital Solutions Service desk - 250 474 9875